Unseasonable February warmth brings many outside

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WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Monday was another day of warmer than normal temperatures across West Michigan.

This weather has encouraged a lot of folks to spend some time outside enjoying the sun, and local businesses say it’s helped them as well.

Standing outside it can be hard to believe that it’s February in Michigan. Old Man Winter has delivered a taste of spring and few are complaining.

Folks were soaking up some sun at Bronson Park in Kalamazoo Monday, and over at Arcadia Brewery, lunch was enjoyed al fresco for people like Lauren and Chris Burns.

“There’s robins on the ground,” said Lauren. “Trees are blossoming.”

“We spent all weekend outside,” said Chris. “Strung up the hammock, did some reading, so yeah, we’ve been enjoying it.”

Outdoor crowds aren’t normal for Acadia in February, owner Tim Surprise says the warm stretch has been great for business.

“It felt good, it felt very steady and we enjoyed it,” said Surprise.

Restaurants and cafes with outdoor space and patios were where everyone wanted to be.

Mom and daughter Jan Brooks and Abbie Frommann say they’ll be spending every lunch hour in Bronson Park that they can, because winter is expected to return.

“I’ve got to work, but we come at lunch and walk around downtown and it’s terrific,” said Brooks.

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