Tri-state effort to crack down on human trafficking getting underway

Tri-state effort to crack down on human trafficking getting underway. File image, credit: MGN.

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A tri-state effort to crack down on human trafficking.

Michigan State Police, Ohio State Highway Patrol and Indiana State Police are partnering to raise awareness.

Law enforcement are teaming up with truckers against trafficking to educate truckers about the warning signs.

This is not the first time efforts like this have been made to fight human trafficking.

Michigan State Police first partnered with truckers against trafficking (TAT) in 2015.

Law enforcement realizes that truckers are really on the front lines when it comes to seeing human trafficking.

For the next few days, MSP Motor Carrier Officers will team up with officers from neighboring states to talk to truckers about the signs to look out for, and to help enforce laws that crack down on traffickers.

Officers want to provide truckers, who are in positions to observe trafficking taking place, details about what it looks like.

And it's not just about truckers, it's commercial vehicle drivers, public transportation companies, rest area attendants, and truck stop employees.

MSP says these individuals can act as the eyes and ears of Michigan's highways.

Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller details some signs of trafficking to be aware of.

"We know that some of the pimps tag their victims, a tattoo that has an older man's name on it," he said. "When you have thousands of people coming into a community for a special event, be it a large concert, be it a race, be it a sporting event of any kind, that's where we recognize that the potential victims are likely to be brought into the area from outside the community."

There are great resources online that help educate truckers. Just click here.

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