Toddler bit in the face by pit bull makes remarkable recovery

Toddler bit in the face by pit bull makes remarkable recovery. (Photo Courtesy: Sherae Lyelenoir)

A Kalamazoo toddler has made a remarkable recovery, after being bit in the face by a pit bull terrier.

Newschannel 3's Anna Giles spoke with his mother about how doctors were able to save his life.

Sherae Lyelenoir said she believed from the beginning her son would survive, despite the gruesome nature of the attack.

Christmas day 2017 was both a nightmare and a miracle for her 2-year-old son Mari. He was in the hospital with a dog bite to the head, yet showing signs of, what doctors called, a remarkable recovery,

Two months later, He is back to being an excited and outgoing 2-year-old.

"He just recovered really well. He woke up, started talking, making everybody laugh," Lyelenoir said.

Doctors expected him to have brain damage and said he might have to re-learn how to talk, but Mari proved them wrong.

The attack happened just a few days before Christmas. Mari was at a family friend's house when the pit bull pounced on him. Lyelenoir had been gone less than an hour.

"First thing on my mind was that, 'I have to get to my baby'," she said.

Lyelenoir couldn't bear to see him hurt.

"I felt, I felt bad like I should have been there with him but I didn't want to see him like that," she said.

A neurologist and a plastic surgeon out of Ann Arbor worked as a team to stitch his head back together. The scars that remain on Mari's face have not scarred his spirit.

Lyelenoir has a message for other mothers who are helping their young children through a tough time; stay positive.

"My baby will be fine, cause they will be. You just have to speak it into existence and believe that. That's whats going to help you and give you faith," she said.

Doctors had to remove some bone in Mari's head in order to stitch it back together.

The pit bull was put down.

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