Ticks already a big problem in West Michigan

If you are removing a tick on your pet, use tweezers. Experts say to not use matches. (WWMT)

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Despite snow on the ground and frosty temperatures lingering in West Michigan, a large number of dogs are already dealing with ticks.

Multiple veterinary hospitals said they have been removing ticks from dogs since mid-February and they are continuing to see more.

Ticks wake up from hibernation once temperatures reach 40 degrees. With temperatures dipping back below freezing, it is likely they are moving to warmer areas, like garages.

Dr. Gary Ryder, a veterinarian for VCA Southwest Michigan Animal Emergency and Referral Center, said it takes time before ticks start to transmit a disease to your dog.

"You have a few hours," Dr. Ryder said. "So if you're keeping an eye on your dog after they go outside and you find a tick on them, you can wet it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then just grab them with tweezers and pull them off."

Dr. Ryder recommends checking your pet after each time they have been outside. Also when removing ticks use tweezers, do not use matches. If you have any problems you should call your vet to get help.

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