Three Rivers teacher called to 'come on down' on the Price is Right, for the second time

Three Rivers teacher called to 'come on down' on the Price is Right, for the second time. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

A Three Rivers middle school math teacher heard her name called on the iconic game show The Price is Right on Thursday.

Christine Fadanelli watched the episode of herself for the first time during a watch party at Brann’s Steakhouse in Portage. The episode was filmed in August and she was sworn to secrecy on the outcome until it aired.

She’s been on the game show before, she won a truck during her first appearance on the show in 2002.

As fate would have it, Fadanelli was selected to be a contestant again.

“The adrenaline rush is unbelievable! My goal in life was to be on the Price is Right. So to fulfill that dream is amazing,” Fadanelli said.

The Portage mother didn’t try to contain her excitement at the watch party. Nearly halfway through the show she took the stage alongside host Drew Carey.

“I was on 16 years ago and I still get students every year saying weren't you on Jeopardy, weren't you on Wheel of Fortune,” Fadanelli said. "They know I was on a game show."

Surrounded by friends and family at Brann's Steakhouse, she screamed when the show finally turned to her chance of winning a trip to Australia.

"I went nuts, I knew as a fan of the show they only give out one car per segment of the show. So the person before me had a chance to win the car and we really went there hoping to win a trip," Fadanelli said.

According to Fadanelli, she was picked to appear on stage based on her energetic demeanor, not luck.

"Yes, maybe there is a little bit of luck involved, but it's about being enthusiastic and exciting," Fadanelli said.

When it came to the Big Wheel, Fadanelli didn’t get a high enough amount to move on to the Showcase Showdown, but she said a trip to Australia with her family is good enough.

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