Three Rivers man searching desperately for kidney donor to help his wife on Christmas

Three Rivers man searching desperately for kidney donor to help his wife on Christmas. (File/MGN)

A Three Rivers man plans to hit the streets in search of someone to help his wife who is in kidney failure and may only have days to live.

Newschannel 3's Anna Giles spoke with the couple about their complicated and desperate situation.

Normal dialysis treatments are not working for Patty Hoyt, who has a deadly kidney disease, and time is very critical.

Dale Hoyt, along with some friends, plan to walk the streets of downtown Kalamazoo in search of a Christmas miracle.

The Hoyt family is in desperate need of help. Patty needs a kidney.

Dale said, "If we don't find one, probably by the end of the year, the chances are real slim for her. It's gotten to a critical stage."

Patty Hoyt suffers from kidney disease.

She said, "It's been hard. The fatigue is unreal.”

Patty can't undergo normal dialysis because her arteries are too small. She's suffered five strokes while being treated. She is running out of options and time.

Dale said, "It's a long process to find a kidney, time-wise she's running out real fast. We're making the signs up and trying to find some help for her as soon as we can."

These signs will be on display throughout West Michigan.

Dale said, "Anywhere where we can get the most public exposure people seeing it.”

Rain or shine this group of happy supporters plan to get the message out.

He said, "If it rains we'll just have to laminate them.”

Unable to donate his own kidney due to diabetes, Dale refuses to give up on his wife of 25 years.

Dale said, "My wife is in total kidney failure. Without dialysis you only have 30 days once you’re in kidney failure. You can't live without your kidneys."

Dale sees these posters and getting the word out as his wife’s last chance.

Patty stays strong for her husband.

"I just go, day to day,” Patty said, “There is 100,00 people out there looking for kidneys, not just me.”

For that reason, the holiday has become more precious than ever for the Hoyts.

If you think you can help this family, insurance will cover the cost of getting tested and the family's number is 269-718-8458.

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