Three Rivers boy gets to work striping recently paved road himself

Three Rivers boy gets to work striping recently paved road himself

THREE RIVERS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Local road agencies got a big boost in funding for 2017--an extra $283 million--to improve Michigan's roads.

That's a lot of money for a lot of work.

But about two weeks ago, our own Kate Tillotson was introduced to a little boy who came up with a far more economical solution for what he considered to be an unfinished road project.

This is Cameron's story.

Michigan's roads are riddled with potholes, cracks and bumpy asphalt.

Detours often detour our days, slowing us down and testing our patience.

But somewhere off of a busy US-131, in a quiet neighborhood tucked away in Three Rivers, you'll find 6-year-old Cameron, who thinks road construction is pretty cool.

When Cameron's road was recently re-paved, he couldn't help but notice something was missing.

"I want somebody to come and paint it," he said.

No one has, so, Cameron has gotten to work himself.

"Just grabbed chalk and drew lines on it," he said.

Lots and lots of lines. Right down the center of North View Drive.

And when rain washes his lines away, or they fade from passing cars, Cameron gets his chalk and starts all over again.

"I'm doing it in the middle," he said.

He knows to watch out for drivers, and to look both ways, and dad Scott Jeschke is always close by--just in case.

"I think with his autism, he is on the spectrum, one of his gifts is he's very observant of things. He wants the same thing outside his home," Scott said.

"I think they're great lines," said neighbor Keri Bringman. "Not exactly straight but if we follow 'em we can just go around and come back again."

It may make you chuckle, but Cameron's neighbors do come back, just to drive down the road with dotted lines.

It's not quite a construction zone, but a work-in-progress. And the project manager just happens to be a little boy with a big piece of chalk.

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