Tenants fed up with maintenance issues at Kalamazoo apartment complex

Tenants fed up with maintenance issues at Kalamazoo apartment complex. (WWMT / Carissa Hutchinson)

Tenants who live in one Kalamazoo apartment complex say they are fed up with ongoing maintenance issues and the slow pace of building repairs.

Some of the tenants who live at Sage Terrace Apartments on Sage Street in Kalamazoo, like Monasha Phillips, said the apartment complex is not what they thought it would be.

“It’s been constant issues and nothing is getting done, and it is like, what am I supposed to do? I’m not the maintenance person,” Phillips said.

Phillips said it has been nothing but trouble since she moved into her two-bedroom apartment in August.

“When I call they say we’ll get there, we can’t, we’ve been really busy with other apartments,” Phillips said.

The mother of two invited Newschannel 3 inside her apartment to show her bathroom ceiling, which caved in when her upstairs neighbors flooded their tub.

“This just got patched up recently, but it was open and you could see pipes,” she said.

Phillips provided cell phone video of what it looked like before maintenance workers patched up her ceiling, but she said that isn’t good enough.

“This over here was open for about two months, due to nobody coming to fix it or anything,” Phillips said. “So, we were going to grandmas or having to go to a hotel.”

Her troubles didn’t stop there, she said her bedroom closet flooded on Saturday destroying her belongings.

"I had a laptop on that side, I had a box of shoes, and baby stuff so I just threw that stuff away," Phillips said.

Group Five Management issued this statement to Newschannel 3 in response to the maintenance issue:

Over the weekend we were made aware, by a resident, of a small amount of standing water near a closet in her apartment. Maintenance was dispatched but was unable, at that time, to determine the source of any issue.
This morning, upon further examination, we detected a small, pinhole leak within the wall of her adjacent bathroom on the water supply to the bathtub. This was immediately fixed. We are now working to clean and/or replacing the area of carpet and padding affected.
Our organization always strives to accommodate our residents to the very best of our abilities, making sure we are available as immediately as possible to accommodate needs and ensure a quality and comfortable living environment.

Phillips begs to differ and argued the video and pictures speak for themselves.

After the story aired, Group Five Management sent a second statement:

As an organization that prides itself on a tradition of customer service and providing quality and comfortable living, we were shocked and embarrassed by the photographs of the bathroom ceiling in obvious need of repair.
We dropped the ball. This matter should have been immediately remedied. We are working to improve internal communications issues while also implementing new procedures to ensure this does not happen again.
In the meantime, we are meeting with our resident to formally apologize and provide restitionary considerations as we work to immediately repair and redo the ceiling, repaint the entire bathroom and clean all of the carpeting throughout the apartment.

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