Talons Out now accepting applications from Vietnam Era Veterans

    A veteran visits one of the memorials during a previous Talons Out Honor Flight. (WWMT/Kate Tillotson)

    Talons Out is now accepting applications for Vietnam Era Veterans effective immediately for the Talons Out Honor Flights.

    Bobbie Bradley. President of Talons Out shared that their primary focus will remain to be World War II Veterans and Korean War Veterans, but due to dwindling numbers of applications, they moved forward with opening applications for Vietnam Era Veterans.

    Accepting this new round of applications does come at a cost, but Talons out feels southwest Michigan is up for the task, breaking down the additional cost into smaller bits.

    Preparing for this era of veterans, Talons Out board members and volunteers wen through recent training to prepare for the new situations these veterans will bring.

    Talons Out is currently planning their first flight of 2019, expected to depart April 20, 2019 from Kalamazoo -Battle Creek International Airport. They are continuing to raise additional funds for another spring flight and two fall flights.

    For more information on Talons Out or to donate, visit their website.

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