Suspect in Battle Creek sword attack was father of the children in the apartment

Detective Sgt. Todd Elliott with the Battle Creek Police Department provides a briefing on the sword attack that occurred Jan. 12, 2018. (WWMT/Jason Puhr)

The suspect in the sword attack on a Battle Creek mom is the father of the three children who were in the apartment when the attack occurred.

During a morning briefing on the incident, Battle Creek Police Detective Sgt. Todd Elliott said the woman who was attacked remains in critical condition at a Kalamazoo hospital.

The three children, ages 13, 10 and 4, are in the care of their mother’s family, Elliott said

While the suspect and the injured woman are not married, they are the parents of all three children and have had an on and off-again relationship for many years, Elliott said. Both are 35 years old. The man currently is in custody.

The father does have a criminal record, but Elliott said it includes nothing as serious or violent as the incident that occurred Friday morning.

Police officers have responded, however, to disagreements between the two regarding custody issues.

Elliott said the attack occurred immediately after the suspect broke into the apartment, while the rest of the family was asleep. The noise from the door breaking in woke the woman, and her eldest son, whom police said at one point tried to intervene. Elliott said it is unclear at this time how much if anything the other children saw. He also said the eldest son was not injured.

Elliott said the woman received multiple and severe cuts and lacerations on all parts of her body. She tried to flee from the attack, and made it down a set of stairs where emergency medical teams found her.

Elliott also said the weapon was a sword, about 3 feet to 3-and-a-half feet long, and was of an average make and material.

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