Surveillance video captures hit and run of 9-year-old girl

Surveillance video captures hit and run of 9-year-old girl. (WWMT/Contributed)

Kalamazoo police are searching for a suspect after a driver hit a 9-year-old girl and took off through a Kalamazoo neighborhood.

Tyisha Fultz, the little girl’s mom, says the hit and run happened about 9:30 p.m. Saturday during a block party on Mabel Street and surveillance video shows the incident.

Fultz has been by her daughters side every moment possible after she was rushed to Bronson Hospital.

Fultz said her daughter went outside to get something from a car when she was hit.

She said, "Her chest to her feet is scarred and bruised she has to get extra skin, she has holes in her side and a couple of abrasions on her forehead."

She said 9-year-old T'nariah is going to be OK, but she is still recovering. She says Mabel street is well lit at night and doesn’t understand how the driver of the maroon car would not have seen her daughter.

Fultz is not sure when her daughter will be able to leave the hospital, but she is prepared for the care her daughter will need when she does get released.

She said, "I thought I was dreaming when it happened, my only daughter. I'm still hurt about the situation I'm just happy she’s still here."

Police said they are still investigating and are asking anyone with information to come call (269) 337-8120 or Silent Observer (269) 343-2100.

Fultz hopes the person will come forward on their own.

She said, “Whoever did it I just wish they'd turn themselves in. Who would just run over a little girl and just leave. Whoever did it I know it's eating them up."

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