Sure sign of spring in Kalamazoo: The Root Beer Stand is opening


It might be hard to believe with fresh snow on the ground but a sign of sure sign of spring arrived in Kalamazoo on Monday: The Root Beer Stand opened for the season.

The popular seasonal restaurant was set to start serving at 11 a.m.

The Root Beer Stand has two locations in Kalamazoo, one on South Westnedge Avenue and the other on Portage Street.

Owner Heather Block said the staff has spent the past month getting things ready, because there's one menu item they want to ensure is perfect for every customer.

"The number one thing is just getting the root beer right,” Block said. “We want to have the best product for all of our customers, making sure the consistency is there. So that's what we work really hard at."

In case you're wondering, the root beer is made fresh and is hand stirred.

You can always get a quart or a gallon to take home too.

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