St. Joseph Co. prosecutor offers new details into Raymond McCann case

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - In a Newschannel3 exclusive, we're hearing from the St. Joseph County prosecutor for the first time, why Ray McCann was sent to prison for lying during the Jodi Parrack murder investigation.

Newschannel 3 discovered what he told the prosecutor and what evidence was used against him.

The prosecutor says for years Ray McCann was the primary suspect in Jodi Parrack's murder because his story kept changing, his actions were bizarre, and many of his statements about what he was doing that night simply did not add up.

This is surveillance video taken of Tumble Dam in Constantine the night 11-year-old Jodi Parrack was found murdered.

Court documents show Ray McCann told the St. Joseph County Prosecutor he went there to search for her around 9 p.m. after she went missing.

But after reviewing this video, Prosecutor John McDonough says McCann was never there.

"Mr. McCann was given a polygraph during the investigation, this is the first time this has been talked aboutand he did not pass them, which arises our suspicions, "OK Ray..what aren't you telling us?" said Prosecutor McDonough.

McCann plead no contest to perjury after the prosecutor says he lied under oath with his attorney present.

But we're told McCann also displayed suspicious behavior.

About four years after Parrack died, the prosecutor says McCann randomly handed over a zip lock bag that contained a wrapper to a toy gun he allegedly purchased the day she was murdered.

"He said he bought them at the Dollar General, we assumed that meant Ray was trying to establish an alibi," said Prosecutor McDonough.

And then there was this sketch made from a witness statement of a man seen at Constantine Cemetery, right before Jodi's body was found.

"I think there is a possibility he could have found Jodi's body first, that he could have found it in the cemetery, and then leading the search party toward that location. That he was afraid, thinking, I found the body, I don't want to be blamed for this," said Prosecutor McDonough.

"So why give false stories if you are innocent?" asked Newschannel 3.

"I don't know. And I would love to sit down with Mr. McCann and ask him the same thing. It doesn't make sense that he would consistently lie, unless there is some sort of reason to do so," said Prosecutor McDonough.

The prosecutor says every time McCann was interviewed by police he did so voluntarily, and that he could leave at any time.

We were also told he did not know Daniel Furlong personally, and that when police questioned McCann after Furlong's arrest, he didn't want to talk.

McCann is now out of prison for perjury and on probation.

We obtained the 100 page interview between the prosecutor and McCann, and tomorrow we will dig deeper into what McCann admitted to.

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