Second and third graders voted on South Haven project

Mayor Scott Smith speaking to the kids. (WWMT/Heidi Paxson)

Second and third grade students at Maple Grove Elementary had the chance to vote on a city project for the first time on Friday.

City of South Haven officials visited the school to receive feedback from the students on a proposed splash pad project that would be placed along Water Street.

The student involvement gave the city some fresh perspectives that might not have been considered. Students also had the opportunity to vote on the design they liked more.

"Kids were asking wheelchair accessibility questions, and wondering about the impact on trees, or what not. So those are all great questions. Some things that adults have thrown out, but it's nice to see the kids thinking about those in addition to just the daily use of that space," South Haven Mayor Scott Smith said.

Smith said a $300,000 grant from the state is being used to fund more than half of the splash pad. The city will pay for the rest of the project.

The splash pad is expected to be finished by spring 2020.

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