Some Michigan businesses expect boost after voters approved recreational marijuana

Some Michigan businesses expect boost after voters approved recreational marijuana. // WSBT 22 photo

Some businesses are seeing green now that Michigan voters approved recreational marijuana -- and it's not just because that’s the color of the plant.

The owner of Lush Lighting says phones have been ringing as people ask about purchasing supplies to grow marijuana.

At the store there are LED lights, fluorescent lights and light-emitting ceramic. All special lights that can be used for growing exotic plants.

“Everybody has questions, like when can they start to grow?" said Matt Johnson, Lush Lighting CEO. "How much can they grow? Are they allowed to double up the amount that they can grow?"

He says customers will need lights and fertilizer to grow plants and he’s happy to provide it.

“We’re expecting a large influx of new customers as everybody needs to get educated and get prepared," said Johnson. "There’s equipment that they're going to put into their house that may be potentially harmful, so they need to learn how to use it properly and safely."

But he’s not the only store expecting a boost.

Vape & Smoke has been receiving a lot of calls as well.

“I do expect a slight increase," said Kevin Ballge, assistant manager at Niles Vape & Smoke. "We do have glass pipes and water pipes all around our locations, each one all for tobacco use only as of now."

These pipes are already used for smoking herbs.

As the interest in marijuana grows, he expects to sell more CBD oil, too.

“More people are going to be away from actually doing marijuana, instead of doing CBD," said Ballge, "because they aren’t necessarily looking for the euphoria the high effect from marijuana. They are just looking for all the medicinal benefits from it."

How many dollar signs does this plant translate into? The owner of Lush Lighting says it’s a lot.

”We hope to see a 50 percent increase in business," said Johnson. "The opportunity for people to grow in Michigan has already been here."

People have already been able to grow medicinal marijuana in Michigan, but they had to get a license. The owner says with the paperwork out of the way, he expects interest to continue to increase.

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