Snow sculptures bring rural Allegan County neighbors together

The snow sculptures, about 25 in total, span the entire property. Two of the large sculptures include and archway and a horse rearing on its hind legs. (WWMT/Alexis Surmacz)

An Allegan County man built over 25 snow sculptures to spread a little joy during the winter months.

The man behind the sculptures, Phillip Leach, said he started the project as a way to bring joy to the people that had to be out driving in the snowy conditions.

"I try and cheer on the mail delivery lady, the UPS driver, the school bus, snow plow driver, people who have to drive in this weather. I like to put a smile on their face and brighten their day," Leach said.

Combining water with snow in buckets creates the building blocks to create the sculptures, which can be seen in the Sculptures For Smiles gallery.

"The Ice sticks all over me. I end up looking like one of the sculptures," he said.

About half way between South Haven and Fennville, along 111th Avenue, just west of the 64th Street intersection, you'll discover the sculptures spread across the Leach property.

"The snow sculptures have been a way for us to connect with our neighbors. They stop by, they drive by, they beep their horn," said Leach.

Leach also recently found out Chad McAllister, his neighbor, was recently diagnosed with stage-three cancer. He hopes that the sculptures will become a way to spread awareness in the neighborhood and area for the family's GoFundMe efforts.

"People are stopping by to see this, and as neighbors we're very concerned," he said. "Perhaps if I make an arch out here I'll have a little place to post about that and raise awareness about that situation."

He said he planned to keep adding more sculptures as the weather allowed.

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