Shoveling snow can increase risk of heart attack

Shoveling snow can increase risk of heart attack. (File - WWMT)

It's important to remember while shoveling that hurling heavy snow is hard work that can be hard on the heart.

Dr. Robert Lapenna, an interventional cardiologist at Borgess, says shoveling snow can be a recipe for a heart attack.

He says smokers, diabetes, a history of heart problems or people with advanced age are higher risk.

Put the shovel down if that is the case.

Lapenna said, “Men might get the tightness, pressure, heaviness and a woman might have fatigue or shortness of breath present with a little bit different scenario and we worry about the macho guy who wants to burp twice and carry on with shoveling snow.”

If shoveling can’t be avoided by someone in the high-risk category, Lapenna says take it easy, be cautious, always listen to your body and seek medical help if necessary.

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