Semi collision during lake effect snow cause pileup on I-94 in Van Buren County


A pileup that began with two semi-trucks colliding caused a major traffic jam on I-94 westbound in Van Buren County on Tuesday.

Several vehicles piled up behind the trucks and some drivers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

A stretch of I-94 in Van Buren County from Paw Paw to Lawrence was one of the worst areas for drivers on Tuesday.

Visibility is low and the roads are slick as heavy, fast falling snow turned high ways into slip and slides.

Colin Warner said, “Very slippery conditions lake effect snow is coming in and out creating dangerous white out conditions

Behind the wheel of a yellow semi the driver says he saw the red lights in front of him, hit the brakes but slid right into the back of truck's trailer.

Michigan State Police Hometown Security Team Sgt. Joel Niedzwiecki said, “And once one goes off and people start hitting the brakes we have several accidents.”

Newschannel 3 cameras caught the start of a pile up on westbound I-94 near Paw Paw.

Niedzwiecki said, “That's usually how it happens it's one person or people are slowing down and looking at the accident rather than what's in front of them.”

Like falling dominos, drivers continued slam into the vehicles ahead, nearly doubling the size of the pile up.

Niedzwiecki said, “We try to spread out within the back up of traffic to make sure there aren't any more accidents or people stuck back there in the ditch.”

When heavy snows fall the Michigan State Police Hometown Security Team is on weather watch with 14 patrol officers spread throughout Southwest Michigan to keep an eye on road conditions.

Niedzwiecki said, “They are now locking up their brakes sliding off causing another accident.”

MSP got called to another crash in the traffic jam behind the pileup as slipping tires continued the chain reaction.

The biggest mistake driver's make is not leaving enough space with the vehicle ahead and not slowing down while passing through the bands of heavy snow.

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