Samuel's Blankets for the Homeless looking to collect 1800 blankets and 100 sleeping bags


A West Michigan boy is once again collecting blankets for local people in need.

Samuel Verhage was setting up collection boxes in Kalamazoo for blanket donations. This year he hopes to collect 1,800 blankets and 100 sleeping bags to distribute to shelters, agencies and people in need when winter arrives.

Verhage said, “It’s been going good. We have just under 400 blankets so far and it’s a lot since it is a down season for Samuel Blankets for the Homeless.”

He started his blanket fundraiser in 2015 and collects them all year long.

Verhage said, “It’s been awesome and it’s just going to keep growing.”

For more information on "Samuel's Blankets for the Homeless visit their Facebook page.

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