Report gives new details into recent arrest of Christopher Lockhart

Report gives new details into recent arrest of Christopher Lockhart

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There are new details tonight in the suspected drunk driving arrest of Christopher Lockhart.

He's been arrested now four times since his wife went missing eleven weeks ago.

We first told you about this report last week.

But tonight, we're learning new details about the alleged drunk driving arrest of Christopher Lockhart.

Police say Lockhart tried to evade an officer and may have lied about where he was coming from that night.

Disheveled and unshaven--that's how Portage Police described Christopher Lockhart in a report detailing his arrest on July 17th, for suspicion of drunk driving.

It came just 11 days after police arrested Lockhart for allegedly cutting wires at his neighbor's house--an act that was caught on the neighbor's surveillance tape.

The report says Lockhart tried to evade police once he was spotted doing 55 in a 45 mile per hour zone.

Once pulled over, the officer says he could smell the booze on Lockhart's breath.

Lockhart refused a roadside breath test, but a chemical test showed a blood alcohol content level of .043 a few hours after the arrest.

That's below the legal limit, but Lockhart was not supposed to have any alcohol in his system according to the terms of his bond.

Lockhart also told the officer he was coming from work at Pfizer, but police later learned Lockhart is on leave from the company, and it's unclear if he will return.

Lockhart was arrested for a fourth time on Monday, when police say they found a significant amount of cash and his passport on him.

He has surrendered that passport, and has been ordered to stay at home.

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