RAD Fest brought dancers from around the globe to Kalamazoo

RAD Fest brought dancers from around the globe to Kalamazoo. (Ray Hole WWMT)

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The city of Kalamazoo was packed with dancers, over the weekend, for the Midwest Regional Alternative Dance (RAD) festival.

Artists from across the country and around the globe flocked to the Epic Center for performances.

Organizers of the event said planning for the festival began last fall.

More than 150 groups submitted their choreographed dances and 40 were chosen.

The RAD Fest not only brought international performances, but also showcases a different kind of art to the Kalamazoo community.

Rachel Miller, RAD Fest curator, said, “So for us it's a way to strengthen the dance community, as well as, bringing people here to Kalamazoo that wouldn’t normal dance audiences would not have an opportunity to otherwise see or to learn from.”

Western Dance Project, a Western Michigan University dance group, also participated in this the event.

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