Pumping begins for short-term solution to Eagle Lake flooding

Pumping begins for short-term solution to Eagle Lake flooding. (WWMT/Raymond Hole)

Crews are doing emergency pumping in a Kalamazoo County neighborhood where yards have been flooded for months.

Folks near Eagle Lake and Crooked Lake have been pleading for help as water was overtaking their properties.

Kalamazoo County Deputy Drain Commissioner Jeff VanBelle said, “We have some backyards and some depressions that have been basically flooded for months so we're pumping those out to harmless areas to basically give them some temporary relief.”

VanBelle says an issue with the drainage system in the area has been made much worse by the relentless rain.

He said, “I've been in several houses up and down Finnegan here. We have water coming into the basements, we have floors cracking under pressure, it's just a real dire situation to where we've got to get some relief.”

On top of pumping water out of the yards, crews are also building a berm to keep more water from seeping in.

Vanbelle says the work is a temporary solution before winter, until more permanent work can get underway sometime in 2019.

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