Preventing ice dams on your roof could save you thousands

    Preventing ice dams on your roof could save you thousands. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

    The icicles hanging from your roof could mean trouble for your roof as temperatures rise.

    As energy is released through your roof, this melts a layer of snow underneath what we're able to see. This water then drips down to the edge of your roof and gutter, then freezes in bitter cold temperatures. Larger icicles indicate more energy being lost through your roof.

    Troy Freed, a custom home builder with Wausau Homes, said, "If you're looking and you're already seeing big icicles and snow drifts there, you want to remove them."

    snow dam graphic.PNG

    Problems arise when water hits the dam and gets backed up under the shingles. This can lead to moisture getting into the interior of your roof and home.

    Experts recommend using a roof rake, which can be purchased for around $25, to remove snow and ice build up from the edge of your roof.

    "If you see it now, don't wait, because you want to get it done before it starts to happen," Freed said. "Reach up as high as you can without getting on the roof or a ladder."

    Another item Freed recommended was roof ice melt tablets, which are made of a salt solution safe to use on the roof of your home.

    "You throw these ice pucks up, and get them to land just above the ice damming area, where the exterior wall and the roof line up," he said. "Get them in some gutters, because that will help your gutter stay open too."

    Visual indications of moisture on the inside of any exterior walls could mean you have more serious problems relating to ice damming.

    Another tip was to try to get the piles of snow away from the foundation of your home, that way when melting occurs it doesn't add to basement flooding concerns.

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