Pot-laced brownies distributed at Hartford High School, police investigating

    Hartford, Michigan, police are investigating a batch of pot-laced brownies that were brought to school and distributed to students. (WWMT/MGN Online)

    A batch of brownies distributed at Hartford High School has parents worried, students in an uproar and police investigators scratching their heads.

    The reason: The brownies were laced with marijuana, and the suspected chef is a cheerleader.

    What’s more, investigators said there is evidence that the pot brownies were being traded for votes for homecoming queen.

    "You always think you've heard it all and seen it all, and there is always something new to surprise you,” said Hartford patrolman Michael Prince, who is investigating the incident.

    “We are investigating two things,” Prince said. “Number 1, some were put in goody bags for players. Also, they were used to obtain votes for the queen contest.”

    Angel Avery, a parent of a Hartford student, said the incident raises major concerns.

    “What if one of those would have gotten in the wrong hands,” Avery said. “What if one of those were given to a kid who had a reaction to it. So many worse things could have happened than what did.”

    Avery said she learned of the incident when her daughter sent her a text from school.

    “She said, mom, so and so brought medibles to school,” Avery said.

    Prince said his department began investigating after receiving a tip on the OK2SAY line.

    He also said a student is accused of baking the batch of 12 drug-laced brownies and of slipping some in goodie bags for the football team. Prince said some were likely ingested and others were flushed down the toilet. The brownies were brought to the school Sept. 26.

    The school district also is investigating, and on Tuesday released a written statement on the incident sent to parents.

    “We have confirmed that brownies laced with marijuana were brought into the school and distributed to several students,” Superintendent Andrew Hubbard said. “All individuals are being dealt with according to our district policies and student handbooks. We have notified the Hartford Police Department and are assisting them in their criminal investigation of the matter.”

    The statement to parents included several website links parents could use in educating their children about the dangers of drugs.

    School district recommended information:

    “Please, take some time tonight to discuss with your children that if at any time they become aware of a potential danger to themselves or others it is their duty to report it immediately to a staff member directly, our websites anonymous tip line or OK2SAY,” Hubbard said in the letter.

    Investigators also said that the suspected chef has moved out of state since the incident, and that there are no reports of anyone becoming ill from the brownies. However, they have sent some of the brownies to the Michigan State Police crime lab for testing.

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