Portage Police continue search for Theresa Lockhart

Portage Police continue search for Theresa Lockhart.

PORTAGE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The search for missing Portage woman Theresa Lockhart continues this weekend.

It's been five weeks since the Schoolcraft teacher was last seen; her husband is considered a person of interest in what investigators say is a possible homicide.

Volunteers will be out Saturday trying to find any trace of Lockhart.

All this is happening while Portage Police continue the investigation.

Portage Police tell us there are four detectives assigned to the Theresa Lockhart case, and the deputy chief is asking for patience, saying that this investigation is a marathon, not a sprint, and reminding us that Theresa Lockhart was last seen more than one month ago.

A still photo from surveillance video obtained by the I-Team is believed to be the most recent recorded image of Theresa Lockhart. It was recorded on May 18th, as Lockhart left her gym.

The Schoolcraft teacher was reported missing after not showing up for work a couple of days later.

Portage police then found her car at this park and ride. But no sign of theresa. The i-team has since learned several businesses near the park-n-ride have survelliance cameras nearby -- and that some of those videos have been turned over to police investigating the possible homicide.

Meanwhile, Theresa's husband, Chris Lockhart, is still considered a person of interest.

He has a history of brushes with the law, ranging from peeping tom to assault charges.

In audio obtained by the I-Team, neighbors say he can be heard screaming at his wife Theresa last summer.

There's also audio, just days after Theresa's disappearance, where some say gunshots can be heard in the neighborhood.

On June 7, police executed a search warrant for Lockhart's home, spending more than 30 hours there with a mobile crime lab.

Police remain very tight lipped, not wanting to jeopardize the investigation.

"I don't want to talk about any details, this is following a natural progression," said Portage Deputy Chief John Blue

Lockhart--according to his LinkedIn profile, is a manager at Pfizer for the company's gelfoam product, usually used in medical emergencies to absorb blood.

The I-Team asked Pfizer if Lockhart was still employed, and if the company was aware he is a person of interest in his wife's disappearance.

A spokesperson responded with this, quote:

"We are aware of the circumstances regarding this individual; however, as a matter of practice, we do not comment publicly on personal matters."

Chris has since returned to his home, and has not returned Newschannel 3's requests to comment.

There's still no sign of Theresa. However, her sister, holds out hope.

"I appreciate that everyone is keeping her face out in the public, that maybe somebody will see the news and actually recognize her face and can pass on the news as to where she might be," she said.

Portage Police are encouraging anybody with any information, however small, about Theresa Lockhart to come forward. Again we have repeatedly sought comment from Chris Lockhart, but he has not responded to our requests.

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