Portage mother showed no emotion as she is arraigned for charges of child abuse and murder

Portage mother showed no emotion as she is arraigned for charges of child abuse and murder. (WWMT/Carter Gent)

A Portage woman showed no emotion as she was arraigned Wednesday, June 20, 2018, accused of abusing her 5-month-old twin boys and killing one of them.

Jennifer Mohler, 21, is being charged with two counts of first-degree child abuse and one count of murder.

Portage Police said they responded to a medical call on January 31, 2018 and found 5-month-old twin brothers, Noah and Logan Mohler, with injuries and signs of physical abuse. Police said Mohler admitted to hitting the boys with a glasses case and an open hand to keep them quiet. Noah was placed in protective custody. Logan died a week later from his injuries.

Court documents identified Delwin Winters as the father of the twins and he is Mohler’s former stepfather.

Winters spoke to reporters outside the arraignment on Wednesday and said he was upset that Mohler showed no remorse during her arraignment.

“Not even 6-months-old and you have no remorse, that's cold-hearted, so I hope that she gets what she deserves,” Winters said.

Winters said about 12 years ago he was married to Mohler’s mother and became Jennifer’s stepfather. He said he and Jennifer never lived under the same roof. Then, roughly a decade later, after Winters said he and Mohler’s mother separated, he said Jennifer came to him, looking for a place to stay. Shortly thereafter, Winters said Mohler agreed to have a child with him.

“The bottom line was at the time, I wanted another child and she had voluntarily said, ‘I will do it,’” Winters said.

Winters said before he knew Mohler was pregnant, he had to kick her out of the house, although police said Mohler was five months pregnant when Winters kicked her out.

“Why did I kick her out? Because she wasn't pulling her weight,” Winters said.

Winters said after Noah and Logan were born, he was never a part of their life.

“I have not seen them since, because she would not allow it,” said Winters. “I was kept in the dark the whole time, I didn't know where she was living. I didn't know how the boys were doing. I knew nothing. Nobody would tell me. Everytime I had contact with her, she made excuses.”

Winters said the first time he heard anything about the boys was when he was contacted in February about a Child Protective Services hearing concerning Logan and Noah. According to Winters, Mohler did not take the hearing seriously.

“When we went to court, no tears, laugh, joke, let's play on our phones. I asked right there if I could see the boys when they were in the hospital and they wouldn't let me do that,” Winters said.

Winters said he was not even aware the two boys had been taken to the hospital the night the alleged abuse took place.

“I just hope that Logan gets justice,” Winters said.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Mohler was denied bond, and will remain in jail until her next court appearance Thursday, June 28.

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