Portage Mayor-elect Patricia Randall talks future goals for city

Portage Mayor-elect Patricia Randall talks future goals for city. (WWMT Ray Hole)

Portage Mayor-Elect Patricia Randall is wasting no time making plans for the city after she won the race in Tuesday’s election with more than 4,000 unofficial votes.

The grand total is still being counted right now at the Kalamazoo County Clerk’s Office, which is where Newschannel 3's Franque Thompson reported on Randall’s future goals.

Randall is an eight-term Portage City Council member and she said that building a unified city council is at the top of her list as mayor.

Citizens First Always was the slogan at the top of her campaign signs and the new Portage Mayor-Elect said she wants to bring that back to the city.

Randall said, “12 years of the same person doesn't offer a lot of change to a community and certainly 10 years of no opponent offers no choice.”

Setting goals, vision, and leadership is something Randall said she wasn't seeing in past years at city hall.

She hopes that changes under her term starting with unifying current and new members of council.

She said, “I want to really lead the council and I want a consensus built and I want everyone to feel like they're a part of this program and this journey and that is not the way the council has operated from my standpoint.”

More than 4000 voters turned out to support randall.

She says she believe people cast their ballots for her plans to improve an over crowded senior center and lowering a millage.

Plus-randall says voters were just ready for a new wave of diversity.

She said, “There are more women in leadership, director roles and more minorities than have ever been in the city of portage and I’m very proud of that.”

Putting out signs and all the work of campaigning has been a long journey for Randall.

Now that the people have spoken-she says she won't disappoint.

Randall said, “There are citizens out there that truly support what you're trying to do and it may not be popular at the time but it is the right thing to do just knowing that the people are there behind me that was a tremendous realization.”

Randall will be inducted into office on November 21.

Several mayoral elections and bond proposals were decided on Tuesday,

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