Police warn of package, decoration thieves during holidays

Police warn of package, decoration thieves during holidays. (WWMT/Zack Lawler)

With the holiday season fast approaching police warn people to be on the lookout for thieves stealing packages or decorations and said surveillance cameras help bring justice.

Destiny Brown had some Halloween decorations stolen off her porch. It wasn’t much, but it highlights an issue that only gets worse as the holidays approach and having a camera gave her a good glimpse of the thief.

Brown said, "It looked like a young kid or a teenager, someone in their early 20s or something."

She is trying to track down a pumpkin thief that also made off with her outdoor light projector.

Brown said, 'They just pulled it out of the ground. I don’t know what they did with it.”

The suspect was only on her porch for a few seconds, but being able to see exactly what happened gave her some peace of mind.

She plans to buy more cameras.

Brown said, "Just the fact that this happened. So, who's to say they won't try to break in next time?"

Police said having a security camera can do a lot of good during the holidays when thieves are more prone to steal items off porches.

Battle Creek Sgt. Stuart Bell said, “Sometimes I think it's for personal use, but most of the time it's probably being malicious about it, just being that evil person during the holiday."

Bell said more often that home surveillance video has become key to solving this type of crime.

He said a camera is worth it if you’re expecting expensive deliveries.

He said, "It doesn’t have to, at this day and age, be that expensive. There's some high-quality ones at a reasonable price, but most of them when it gets to nighttime they go to a black and white mode."

Brown said her family bought their camera at Menards, but couldn’t remember how much se paid, but said the prices ranged from $60 to $200.

Brown hopes her camera will help bring her decorations back.

She said, “We do have a reward out for anybody who knows what happened to it or anybody that brings it back. "

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