Local police increase patrols to look for drivers ignoring school buses

Marshall Police say they're receiving multiple calls weekly about drivers passing stopped school buses. Now they're upping patrols and are warning driver's they will be cited. Photo by Zach Lawler/WWMT.

One month into the school year, local police are warning drivers once again to follow the rules of the road after reports of cars driving by stopped school buses.

Marshall Police said they have received multiple calls a week about drivers blowing past buses and putting students who are getting on and off the bus as risk.

“We’ve got a no tolerance policy," said Deputy Chief Scott McDonald with Marshall Police. "If we can prove that that happened, we are going to issue a citation, and we will show up to court and defend the citation.”

Marshall Police reported in a Facebook post that the main trouble spot is Prospect Street between Gordon and East Drive, close to Gordon Elementary School. Now officers will be patrolling the area looking for anyone ignoring the rules of the road.

“I know we’ve all got places to go and places to be, but kids aren’t making rational decisions like drivers are," McDonald said. "They’re going to run in the road. They’re going to not be looking. Not just with buses or school zones, but anywhere where you know kids are going to be, slow down, take your time and be attentive.”

McDonald said the school district has been working to make sure drivers know they must stop for a stopped school bus with it's lights on and stop sign out. Earlier this month they put a banner on a school bus that says "Reds Flashing, No Passing."

Marshall Police said drivers caught disregarding school buses will get a $240 fine and have three points added to their driver's license.

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