Police: Homeless woman in Mexico is not missing Michigan Mom

Some wondered if Tammie Jane Briley, left, is still alive after a woman, at right, vaguely resembling Briley was been spotted in Mexico. Michigan State Police have confirmed that the woman in Mexico is not Briley. (WWMT/FBI)

The family of a West Michigan mom reported missing nearly two decades ago found hope in a photo of a woman taken in Mexico.

While the woman might look similar to Tammie Briley, who was last seen near Battle Creek in 2000, Michigan State Police confirmed Thursday that she is not Briley.

Briley's brother and son sat down with Newschcannel 3’s I-Team in September, 18 years after she was last seen alive, to talk about their renewed hope, based on the photos from Mexico.

Birley’s son told Newschannel 3 that his mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia about a year before she disappeared.

State police investigators gathered finger prints and DNA from the woman in Mexico months ago, but it was her passport and birth certificate that led investigators to her family in California. Investigators confirmed the homeless woman going by the name of Heather in Mexico was not Briley.

Briley was last seen by her then-boyfriend, David M. Callender, who said she demanded to get out of his car during an argument along Interstate 94 near Battle Creek in September 2000.

Her son, Brad Hart, told Newschannel 3 he still remembers learning from Callender that his mom had gone missing.

“He had come walking up the driveway and was carrying her purse and right away I felt something was odd,” Hart said, adding that Callender told him his mother jumped out of the vehicle.

If still alive, Briley would be 55 years old. Michigan State Police still consider the case open, and encourage anyone with any information to contact investigators at 269-657-6081.

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