Police advise shoppers to be aware of surroundings

Police advise shoppers to be aware of surroundings. (WWMT/FILE)

Several women in West Michigan are posting to social media detailing a warning about men following them in stores.

Several posts describe similar and scary situations at numerous stores in Kalamazoo County and at least one police report has been filed.

Investigators say a man was seen following a woman through a store, but it appeared to be a coincidence.

Portage police say there is a fine line between creepy, coincidence, and criminal activity, but it is difficult to prove a person's intent when no crime has been committed.

Portage Police Deputy Chief John Blue said, "It’s always important that we can go in and check it out to see if it is strange behavior, criminal behavior or a coincidence. Make sure it is documented and let the individual know we talked to them."

Police advise shoppers to be aware of their surroundings and to trust their instincts. If you think someone is following you in a store, take an unusual path through the aisles and circle the store.

If you're uncomfortable, tell employees at the store.

If someone follows you to the parking lot, don't drive home. Instead, drive to a police station and don't hesitate to file a report.

If you are afraid to make a phone call, you can also text 911 while in Kalamazoo or Battle Creek to alert police of an emergency.

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