Police: 14-year-old steals mom’s car overnight and nearly collides with officers

Police: 14-year-old steals mom’s car overnight and nearly collides with officers. (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

A 14-year-old girl is in the Calhoun County Juvenile home after police said she took her mother’s 2010 sedan for a joyride on Wednesday.

Battle Creek Police Lt. Jim Martens said four Battle Creek police officers were investigating a vehicle that was broken into at 2:57 a.m. Friday when they spotted a car make a turn from Meachem Avenue onto Harris Street at a high rate of speed in Battle Creek.

"The vehicle was going 45 in a 25 and was driving erratically enough to where it almost hit them," Martens said.

Investigators said the underage driver took the keys to her mother’s car in the middle of the night while she was asleep.

Martens said, "The officers jumped in their car pulled the vehicle over, and lo and behold it's a 14-year-old girl driving the vehicle."

When the juvenile was pulled over Martens said she tried to evade questions from officers.

"She doesn't have a license. They ask her what her name is and, initially, she lies and gives a name of an 18-year-old girl,” Martens said. “Unfortunately for her, we have that 18-year-old's picture in our system, so we were able to confirm right away it was not the 18-year-old."

The trouble didn’t stop there.

Martens said, "Her mom said she didn't give her permission to drive the car. The daughter had stolen it, also the daughter is on probation."

Investigators said fortunately the unlikely occurrence prevented anyone from getting hurt, but Martens said her antics will cost her.

"You may have a very hard time getting your license when you should have, it can have long term effects on you," Martens said.

The teen was charged with obstructing police and driving without a license.

Martens said, "At the end of it all she ended up taking a ride to the Calhoun county juvenile home."

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CORRECTION: An earlier iteration of the story indicated Meachem Ave. and Harris St. were in Bedford Township. This has been corrected.

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