Plans for a new streetscape in Allegan designed to attract visitors to the area

Plans for a new streetscape in Allegan could help attract visitors to the area. (WWMT/Courtesy Abonmarche)

Allegan has revealed designs for proposed renovations downtown on Locust Street.

Ryan Deery, director of the Downton Development Authority, said the streetscape designs could provide the city a new social space for residents and visitors, while offering new character to a historic part of town. Deery said the plans also could boost the economy in the growing area.

“Getting people in, to stop in the business, see what’s happening is critical. That first thing you see is the streetscape when you pull in,” Deery said. “How does the parking lot look? Is there a bench, does it look beautiful? Is there something exciting happening? The streetscape helps with that.”

The city is partnering with Abonmarche, a firm that also designed the riverfront improvements in Allegan.

Budgeting for the streetscape is still in the works, to determine the costs and how they will be covered. The city and company are currently working on traffic studies. The proposed streetscape would replace streets, sidewalks and landscaping.

Deery said he sees potential in the idea to help rebuild a downtown that’s already seeing revitalization from other projects and investments.

“That gets people into the restaurants and once they’ve had a beer and a burger maybe they’ll go shopping,” Deery said.

The city is listening to public input before the streetscape plans are approved.

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