Pit bull alerts Parchment family of fire inside home

Pit bull alerts Parchment family of fire inside home. (Matt Loughrin WWMT)

A Parchment family is calling their dog a hero after it alerted them of a fire at their home.

The flames sparked in the Lepert family’s basement around 2 a.m. Tuesday and they were alerted to the fire by their pit bull terrier named Roscoe.

The Lepert family has an 8-year-old, 85 pound pit bull and Roscoe is known in the household for many things, including his love for attention and affection.

“He’s a spoiled couch potato,” Brian Lepert said.

The family is now calling Roscoe a hero for waking them up overnight.

“I thought he just needed to go outside so I let him outside for a few minutes. And when we got back in the house there was a very strange, strong smell,” Lepert said.

Lepert said the strong smell came from an extension cord plugged into a space heater caught fire. The heater was not on.

“I went downstairs to check and sure as heck there was a little fire going on the table downstairs,” Lepert said.

Lepert said the fire sparked a table in their basement full of combustible materials, like crafts and stacks of paper.

The dog owner said he was able to put the fire out right away thanks to his dog’s alert. Lepert explained the smoke detectors didn’t go off until 15 minutes after flames were out.

“If the fire would’ve gone without attention until the smoke detectors went off, I think it would have been too late save much of the house,” he said. “At the very least the house would have been severely damaged for sure. So, he woke up at a good time.”

The family said it is these life-saving moments that aren’t brought to public attention about pit bulls and people mostly judge the breed based on their bad reputation.

“They’re smart and loyal,” Lepert said.

“If they’re raised in a loving home, they’re going to be a loving, good dog,” Kim Lepert said.

Their good dog, Roscoe, is now getting even more love for protecting his family and home.

Brian said, “He’s a hero, he doesn’t even know what a hero is.”

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