Picture from the last seen public location of Theresa Lockhart

Picture from the last seen public location of Theresa Lockhart. (

PORTAGE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We're digging deeper into the disappearance of Theresa Lockhart, the Portage mother of two and Schoolcraft High School teacher reported missing on May 20.

Christopher Lockhart, her husband, is considered a person of interest and Newschannel 3 obtained a security photo of Theresa Lockhart leaving the gym after yoga class, which is the last time she's believed to be seen in public.

Newschannel 3's Mike Krafcik got reaction on these latest developments.

Portage Public Safety said the public response has been overwhelming and they continue to investigate leads. Newschannel 3, independently obtained a security photo that shows Theresa Lockhart on May 18 around 5 p.m. leaving the Family Fitness of Portage. She was wearing a t-shirt, flip flops and holding a pair of pink sneakers.

Police aren't confirming the authenticity of the image.

Kellie Yunginger said, “My goal is to help find Theresa at all costs.”

Police searched for Lockhart over the weekend with no luck.

Yesterday, an independent search team, led by Yunginger, went out with a team of volunteers and three search dogs from Indiana. The dogs were given Lockhart's scent from old clothing they obtained.

Yunginger said, “A scent article is huge and a very great tool to be used by dog teams.”

She said they haven't found anything, but aren't giving up. The volunteers posted missing flyers all over the county and on the very street where Lockhart lived since 2014.

“I did not realize it was a neighbor of mine.”

We've stopped by the neighborhood and the Lockhart home and Christopher Lockhart opened his garage door and walked outside for a brief moment, then went back inside.

We learned Christopher Lockhart is an engineer and manager at Pfzier, according to his Linked-In profile, he oversaw a team developing a gel foam drug product, which is a medical device intended able to absorb up to 45 times the weight of whole blood.

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