Parody website takes aim at West Michigan hospital

Parody website takes aim at West Michigan hospital. (WWMT/Matt Miller)

A parody website has taken aim at Borgess Medical Center in West Michigan.

A message written across a picture of butchered cows that tops the homepage reads, "Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo. Your last stop.”

The parody website is not affiliated with Borgess Medical Center.

Created with a domain that's similar to the hospital’s actual web page, the parody page claims Borgess doctors are professionals who put your healing needs first, “Although bringing you a nightmarish experience is a close second."

Another excerpt reads, “If we leave a tool inside your body, it’s on the house. That's the Borgess touch.”

In a written statement to Newschannel 3, Ascension Michigan wrote, “The website is not in any way affiliated with our health system. The negative portrayal of our organization is a misrepresentation of our unwavering commitment to serving those who trust us with their care. We will continue to provide high quality and compassionate care for all, particularly to those most in need.”

According to the HTLM secure certificate linked to the parody website, the domain name to the site that bashes Borgess was purchased through Go Daddy in late-June and expires in 2019.

The site also asks people share “horror stories” from Borgess and includes some negative reviews that can also be found on Google reviews of Borgess Medical Center.

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