Parent upset M-STEP used as part of the Marshall Middle School grade

Parent upset M-STEP used as part of the Marshall Middle School grade. (WWMT/Brittany Gray)

A Marshall Middle School parent was not happy when she learned the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (M-STEP) would be used as part of her son's grade.

Marshall Middle School Principal Dave Turner told Newschannel 3’s Brittany Gray that the idea was about motivating students.

Some Marshall Middle School students recently took the M-STEP. It's an online test given to students in grades three through eight to measure a child's knowledge in areas, like English, math, science and social studies.

One parent was upset to learn the M-STEP would count as 10 percent of her child's quarter grade.

The parent said, ,“To me, the test should be given one time. It should be use for data only and that's it. If it should be given at all, I think teachers teach differently, kids learn differently.”

Turner did not want to go on camera, but said that if a student did not test well, another test would be offered and the better score would be used.

He also said retakes are available for students not happy with their score.

The principal said they wanted to motivate the students to focus on the test and not simply click through the answers.

This mom says she reached out to state representatives and the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and got nowhere.

A representative from MDE said they don't recommend or require using M-STEP as part of a student's grade, but that is up to the district, because Michigan is a local control state as far as education is concerned.

The parent said, “We're going to let them do whatever they want as long as the test gets done, we don't care. Well, do you really care about my child then? Do you really care about my child learning what he needs to learn?”

Turner said he was only made aware of one parent who had concerns and he says those concerns were addressed.

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