Owners of businesses clean up after jewelry heist in Portage

Owners of businesses clean up after jewelry heist in Portage.

Doors pried, locks broken, walls cut, and a mysterious heist at a jeweler in Portage.

Newschannel 3 was the first to report the break-in at Medawar Jewelers in Portage that many have described as professional and intricate.

The thief or thieves used a pet grooming salon as the point of entry. Doors locks were destroyed which lead to holes cut through the wall into a pedicure salon's bathroom. The culprit or culprits then cut another hole through a wall leading to the Medawar Jewelers safe.

Medawar Jewelers owner Pierre Medawar says no one was hurt, but the intricacy of the break in mystifies even him.

Medawar said, “This was one of the big ones, we've had issues in Grand Rapids, in stores and other places.”

Cleanup continues inside all the stores, there's hole after hole in wall after wall.

The staff of the first place broken into, Paws and Claws Pet Grooming, is both outraged, and at once, in awe at the break in

John Mills, with Paws and Claws, said, “How they got into their safe, that's amazing, a lot of work, but they were ready you can tell they went in and they meant it.”

Mills says not only was the break in done with ruthless efficiency, but it was also ruthlessly destructive in some ways.

He said, “They took the vanity and threw it, they kicked it right to the side.”

Portage police say they're sorting through evidence, stopping just short of saying if there's any video evidence of the break in.

Portage Deputy Chief John Blue says he knows someone out there, saw something.

Blue said, “We have a lot of different ways that we could search, but first important thing is from the night of the 21st after the close of business to the 22nd someone saw something and someone had to of seen some movement or activity, something that was out of the ordinary.”

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