One on one with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The City of Flint continues to work to rebound from the water crisis.

In 2014 the city switched from the Detroit Water Department to using water from the Flint River to save money, but the water supply became contaminated with lead.

While more than 100 million dollars in federal and state money has been issued to address the crisis, President Donald Trump’s new Environmental Protection Agency Administrator says the EPA should have acted much sooner.

Newschannel 3’s political reporter Nick Minock got to sit down for an exclusive interview with administrator Scott Pruitt.

“I chatted with the President during the campaign trail,” said Minock. “He said he would fix Flint quickly and effectively. So far in the first 100 days, what’s the plan for Flint?”

"Quite a bit done as you know. One hundred million dollars has come in to Flint from Washington D.C. to help with water infrastructure there with Flint. The State of Michigan as well has put in additional resources. We need to make sure, you know, in the future, and this is something as you look back at what happened with Flint, the EPA failed," said Pruitt.

Many families in Flint agree that the EPA did fail.

As the EPA looks at safe drinking water rules, President Trump's EPA Administrator says the agency is talking internally about the situation in Flint so another water crisis doesn't happen.

The city needs to remove 6000 pipes by the end of 2017.

Less than 1000 have been done since the beginning of the Fast Start program last year.

In our exclusive interview with Administrator Scott Pruitt about the largest water crisis in Michigan, Pruitt put responsibility on Governor Rick Snyder.

"Going back to Flint, in closing, the families there can't drink their water, they have to use filtrations systems. Does this White House still have a commitment to the people of Flint?" asked Minock.

"When you look at 100 million dollars being allocated to a city of what, fifty-thousand people? And then you add another 100 million on top of that [from the state], to me it's not a matter of funding. It's matter of priority and having a plan. I called the Governor of Michigan with that $100 million win from the EPA to the state of Michigan, I said is there a plan in place Governor to get Flint, Michigan cleaned up and ready to go? His answer was yes. This Administration has exorbitant commitment to make sure that Flint is addressed. We've shown that. Now it's up to the folks locally, you know that state of Michigan to make sure it happens. We are going to be right there with them because it matters to us. But this is a partnership and it's something we are going to focus on," said Pruitt.

You can see the full interview with Scott Pruitt by clicking here;

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