No change to how Child Protective Services handles parent marijuana use

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    While recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan, many legal questions still surround it, like how its use will be viewed by Child Protection Services.

    Michigan Department of Health and Human Service Public Information Officer Bob Wheaton said the new law doesn't change how CPS will handle marijuana use by parents.

    Wheaton said CPS will continue to assess whether the use of any legal or illegal drugs prevents parents from safely taking care of a child on a case-by-case basis.

    “As long as the parent can still safely care for the child, there would not be a need for cps to intervene and take any type of action,” Wheaton said.

    He likened parents using marijuana to drinking a beer in front of a child. Wheaton said while drinking in moderation around kids is okay in certain situations, heavy drinking never is, and the same goes for marijuana.

    Wheaton said common sense really comes into play, and if CPS determines a parent's marijuana use inhibits their ability to care for their child, it could potentially intervene.

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