New twist in double murder case involving Climax-Scotts native

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - After three years, there's a new twist in a double murder investigation that took place in North Carolina involving a Climax native.

    Now a Battle Creek relative wants to know why justice has yet to be served.

    On June 2, 2012 50-year-old Duane Correll and his 20-year-old son Albert were murdered in their front yard.

    13 days later, the Carteret County Sheriff's Department in North Carolina arrested three Navy Corpsman.

    But three years later, the suspects have yet to stand trial.

    The lead investigator tells Newschannel3 just two weeks ago a new piece of evidence was randomly discovered by an off-duty Coast Guard Member who was fishing under a bridge, about 40 miles from where the crime took place.

    Detectives say that crucial piece of evidence will most likely push back the murder trial even farther.

    "They basically cold blooded killed them for no apparent reason," said Kim Mcnett, the victim's family member.

    It's been three years to the day and still no justice for Kim Mcnett's family.

    Her brother Duane and his son Albert were shot to death in Carteret County, North Carolina.

    The lead investigator, Major Jason Wank tells us the three suspects followed them home from Walmart.

    "We believe the motive for the crime was in fact a robbery of these victims in addition to a revengeful act of spite between one of the witnesses involved in the case who was friends with both the victims and the defendants," said Major Wank.

    24-year-old Jhaden Davis, 27-year-old Joseph Pirrotta and 26-year-old Brandon Smallwood, all Navy Corpsman, were arrested less than two weeks after the crime.

    But today, deputies tell us Davis and Pirrotta are still in custody, waiting to stand trial next week.

    "It is a little frustrating. Any time you are dealing with a capital murder case, the death penalty may or may not be on the table for one or more of these defendants. This is not going to slip through the cracks, justice will prevail," said Major Wank.

    But for Mcnett, the waiting has been brutal.

    "My father and Duane's father has recently passed away, so he'll never know that justice was served. I wanted to just get in the car and drive down there and be in their face and say hey, don't forget my brother and my nephew," said Mcnett.

    But with word of new evidence being discovered that could help put away her family's murders, she's willing to keep waiting.

    Mcnett tells us in memory of her brother and nephew tonight, she and her mother will be releasing balloons in a private ceremony at the exact time they were shot and killed.

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