New rides thrill visitors at Allegan County Fair


ALLEGAN, Mich. - In Allegan County they are ready for one last weekend of fun at the county fair!

From the screams to the smiles, the fair's packed with rides for every taste.

"I always talk to our employees and stress how important it is to do a fantastic job for Allegan for the Allegan County Fair,” said Jamie Skerbeck, the Allegan resident whose company brings all the rides for the fair.

The new, exciting addition to the rides this year is Top Gun.

"There's maybe 10 in the country. They're built overseas. This is the first one to come into the state of Michigan,” said Skerbeck.

The 120-foot-tall thrill ride turns at 13 RPM's.

"I've been told that's close to 50 miles per hour based on the radius that it's spinning. It's about three and a half G's of force when you come over the top,” said Skerbeck.

Skerbeck told Newschannel 3 there are plenty of classic rides for the whole family too.

"Your Tilt-A-Whirls, your Scramblers, your giant Ferris Wheels that go up 80 feet."

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