New micro-grocery store opens inside Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo

The new Bronson Market store, which is open to the public, is located inside the gift shop at Bronson Methodist Hospital’s downtown campus. (WWMT)

KALAMAZOO - Bronson Methodist Hospital hoped to bring a healthy, easy-access fresh food option to downtown Kalamazoo by opening a brand new micro-grocery store inside the hospital Monday.

The new Bronson Market, which is open to the public, is located at Bronson Methodist Hospital’s downtown campus. It has a sizable offering of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy products, as well as cards, small gifts and snacks.

“We wanted to bring as much fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce as possible. We wanted our employees, patients, families and the surrounding communities to have easy access to affordable fresh, healthy food,” said Grant Fletcher, system director of Healthy Living and Sustainability at Bronson.

Fletcher said they refer to Bronson Market as the “last mile” grocery store, and hope it saves people a long trip to the grocery store.

"If you live downtown, and you need a cucumber, and onion, a flank steak to finish your meal, it's much easier to pop in here and get what you need, than having to jump in your car, drive a couple miles and walk around an entire grocery store,” Fletcher said.

It may be small, but Fletcher said you can walk into the new grocery store and look through the fresh food selection and create an entire meal. He said they don’t have everything you might find at a Harding’s Market or Meijer, but that is the point.

“You’re going to see the essentials here, so you can put an entire meal together, without all the things you spend extra money on and drive your grocery bill way up,” Fletcher said. “A lot of our food is minimally processed and packaged, and we partner with the Kalamazoo Valley Community College Food Innovation center, featuring over 50 products from their healthy living campus.”

The store will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Fletcher said he hopes to expand those hours in the near future if the store really starts to take off.

Free parking is available in the adjacent Vine Street parking ramp.

CORRECTION: Newschannel 3 was provided the wrong title for Grant Fletcher. This has been corrected to reflect to correct title.

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