New mannequin to help Covert Township firefighters save lives

The Covert Township Fire Department has received a new mannequin to help them practice techniques aimed at saving lives in an emergency.

COVERT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan fire department is the first in the area to get new, life-saving technology.

Covert Township is the first fire department, and only the third location in all of West Michigan to get their hands on a life-like simulation mannequin to help in their training.

The mannequin can help their firefighters and EMS workers train for all sorts of medical issues that they'll encounter out in the field.

The more than $25,000 simulator was made possible by a partnership with Palisades Nuclear Power Plant.

Covert Township provides the training for Palisades EMS crews.

The investment in the new piece of technology will take that training to the next level.

"The device, the mannequin allows for a lot of skill use and training and refining of skills that we often don't get a chance to do, except in the field. Like direct intubation, it's a high risk low frequency event that our providers just don't get a ton of experience on and he will allow our providers to get that training,” said Jed Wild, with Covert Township Fire and EMS.

Covert Township fire often holds open training session for EMS workers that come from all over the state, so this new piece of equipment could help save lives all over Michigan.

“It's a real phenomenal piece of equipment for us to be able to have a train with. It adds a lot more realism, it takes that teacher out of the way. He's completely wireless so he doesn't have to be tethered to a wall or tethered to a device,” said Wild.

If you want to see the life like medical mannequin for yourself, they'll be debuting it at Tuesday’s Covert Township board meeting.

It’s at 7 p.m. at Covert Township hall and is open to everyone.

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