Multiple vehicle thefts in Calhoun County prompt warnings to lock doors

Multiple vehicle thefts in Calhoun County prompt warnings to lock doors. (WWMT/Zack Lawler)

Thieves have taken off with as many as nine vehicles in less than two weeks and police asking people to be more vigilant by not making themselves targets.

As many as nine vehicles have been swiped since late June. Driven away from parking lots, outside of apartment complexes, hotels and shopping areas.

Emmett Township Department of Public Safety Lt. Tony Geigle said, “Around June 29 we got a call down by Pine Knoll Apartments about some stolen vehicles.”

Investigators with Emmett Township Department of Public Safety said three vehicles were taken from the township. Two from the Pine Knoll Apartments and another from the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel.

Geigle said, in many of the cases, the vehicles were not only unlocked but the keys were in them.

Officers also took a report of stolen credit cards being used at a Walmart. Alicia Williams and Deshawn Allen were arrested for the stolen credit cards and for a stolen vehicle from Portage.

Police said this is not just a problem in Emmett Township.

Geigle said, “We believe this is a ring. There are several people involved in this and our detectives are working with other jurisdictions right now that apparently had very similar incidences with vehicles being stolen.”

He said detectives are also working with Kalamazoo and Portage Public Safety.

Police have tracked down five of the stolen vehicles and are continuing to search for the others, as well as additional suspects.

Detectives said many of the stolen vehicles could have been avoided if people would lock their cars and not leave any valuable items in sight.

Emmett township said they have identified an additional suspect and they're working to get an arrest warrant, as they try to determine who else may be involved in the ring.

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