Movie lover displays classic Hollywood memorabilia at local library

    Movie lover displays classic Hollywood memorabilia at local library. (WWMT/Patrick Hagan)

    A lover of everything Hollywood decided to show his famous movie memorabilia collection at a local library. The items from classic American movies and its stars belong to Hastings native, Terry Dennison. People viewed the items at the Hastings Public time ahead of Hollywood’s biggest night, The Academy Awards.

    The collection featured items from stars like Debbie Reynolds, Liza Minnelli, Carrie Fisher. Dennison said the items and people are a piece of history he didn’t want to be forgotten.

    “These are costumes from my favorite movies, worn by my favorite actresses,” said Dennison.

    Dennison said he grew up in the performing arts, his first performance was age three before becoming a life-long tap dancer. He mentioned his top favorite dancer and actress was Vera Ellen.

    His collection consisted of items like costumes, to props and personal items—all things classic Hollywood.

    “I really love interesting things and historical things and I really want to have a place where people can go and see these things,” said Dennison.

    The Hastings native said he started collecting movie memorabilia after college. Since then, it grew to a collection he said was estimated worth more than $500,000.

    “This is a costume worn by Russ Tamblyn in ‘The Wonderful World of the Brother’s Grimm’,” said Dennison while he described his costumes. “This is a very interesting hat that was used in the movie ‘Diane’.”

    Dennison featured a small sample of his famous pieces, about 10 percent, for a temporary display at the library. The items were from movies and its stars during the 1930’s to early 60’s.

    “It’s just amazing to have everything here because normally you have to go to a museum if you’re lucky enough to even see some of this,” David Edelman, the library’s circulation supervisor.

    Edelman said the unique display gave people a chance to visit the library and learn some classic Hollywood history.

    “Lot of people don’t know who Rand Brooks is. But they can learn a little bit about him, see his picture and actually maybe investigate more here with resources we have or do it at home,” said Edelman.

    Dennison, the movie lover, said he shared his passion to help preserve American cinema.

    “I want them to remember these people. They were too good to be forgotten,” said Dennison.

    Edelman said the display was open to all library visitors free of charge through March 8.

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