Miller Auditorium sets the stage for "The Phantom of the Opera"

Behind the Scenes at “The Phantom of the Opera." (WWMT/Jason Heeres)

The timeless classic Broadway musical “The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber opened Feb. 7 at Western Michigan University’s Miller Auditorium.

Quentin Oliver Lee, the actor playing the lead role of The Phantom, said the musical still has staying power after more than 30 years of productions around the world, because it has a message that everyone can connect with.

Lee said, “It matters because it's about listening, it's about passion, it's about love. It's a take on love and compassion that's not usually seen."

The 2019 production would bigger and bolder, with new tech, new sound, and a new direction, which production they said is grounded in reality. Stage crew and production staff worked hard today to make sure all the performances are perfect.

The show would run at Miller Auditorium until Feb. 17.

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