Scotts Mill County Park exploratory drilling appears to be shelved


Kalamazoo County Commissioner Stephanie Moore said a vote to allow exploratory oil drilling at a local park does not appear to be moving forward.

The Kalamazoo County Parks Commission voted to allow drilling at Scott’s Mill County Park last week.

Moore says that vote was just the first step in an information gathering process.

She said, "What happened was this issue was taken up at the parks commission, which is an advisory board. The parks administrator would decide whether to bring it to our county board of commissioners. So, as you can see, that was not on our agenda, she did not bring that issue forward, we did not vote on anything about it, and it pretty much died before it got here."

Supporters say it would give the county a new revenue stream, but a number of people spoke out against it at the commission meeting on Tuesday.

Moore says she doesn't expect the Kalamazoo County Administrator to take the issue to the county board.

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