Military mom leaves for basic training

Military mom leaves for basic training.

It's a new chapter for a local family as a dad prepares to stay home, while mom will head to work, but the dynamic isn't that simple.

Newschannel 3's Brittany Gray talked with Samantha Yarde, 24, who, for the most part, was a stay-at-home mom.

She is now a military mom and leaving your family to join the military is not an easy decision, but it is even tougher when leaving beautiful faces of children behind.

But Yarde is focusing on the future she'll be able to provide for her young daughters.

Yarde said, “It kind of has always been in the back of my mind because my husband was in the military and I just really liked it, the idea of it being a military member and just doing that for my family and my country.

Yarde's husband, Jonathan, was in the Marine Corps for five years. It is Samantha's turn.

Jonathan said, “We talked about how it was going to be weird for me doing most of the money making and her being with the kids to you know the opposite but I mean we're a team.”

A team with a strong support system in Battle Creek.

Yarde flew to Texas on Tuesday to the Lackland Air Force Base, where she will complete seven weeks of military basic training. After that she's off to tech school for three months in Mississippi for job training.

Yarde said, “The initial being away from my family for so long will be a struggle. I just recorded some videos for them so they can see my face when I'm gone you know photo albums.”

Yarde admits being away for five months won't be easy, but she's ready to find her passion.

She said, “I get to be selfish for once so and a lot of people wouldn’t think that going into the military is selfish but it's been my dream for a long time and it's really important to me.”

Her family is proud of her and say she is not only setting an example for her little girls, but also for other moms who want to serve their country.

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