Middleville man arraigned on four felony counts after being released from hospital


The Middleville man shot by a Michigan State Police trooper after police say he refused to drop an airsoft gun was arraigned on unrelated charges in Barry County after he was released from the hospital.

A registered sex offender with a long criminal history, Ryan Miller, 36, was arraigned on three new cases today, with another already pending. None of those cases relate to the officer involved shooting Monday.

MSP tried to arrest a suspect because of the felony warrants, but was shot after investigators say he held up what looked like a very real firearm.

After Miller was released from the hospital and he was sent to Barry County Jail and on Thursday Miller used a walker to drag himself in front of the camera for the video arraignment.

He is charged with home invasion, possession of burglary tools, failure update his address as a registered sex offender, and failure to appear in court on two other felony charges from a separate case.

Miller's long criminal history already includes two prior convictions for resisting and obstructing police in Barry county and is facing a life sentence if convicted for being a habitual offender.

In the face of a possible life sentence as a fourth time, repeat offender, Miller didn't say much more than yes sir and no sir.

More charges expected against Miller as MSP investigates what happen before he was shot by a trooper in a church parking lot continues.

Police say Miller ignored several orders to drop his weapon, which turned out to be an airsoft gun.

Barry County Prosecutor Julie Nakfoor-Pratt said, “That is still under investigation so I won't go into that, but I would ask that a high cash bond be set in this case.”

All the cases combined, Miller's bond totals more than $300,000.

Nakfoor-Pratt would not go into detail about what charges Miller could face in the shooting that left him injured, but did say there could be more serious charges beyond resisting and obstructing police.

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